The Mayan Paddler Gods

The original image really spoke to me and so I was gifted the urge to paint something around it. This is a photo-rendered, touched-up shop of a picture of the 6 canvases fit together on the wall. Each piece is 16”x20” acrylic on canvas.
For aesthetic purposes, I’m showing the enhanced version first.

This drawing was originally found engraved on a bone at Burial 116 Tikal. I added the trees and giant mushroom via my own creative considerations. This painting depicts the five creatures of the five creations on their journey into the realm of experience. The two paddler Gods are rowing the canoe and represent youth in front and wisdom in the back. The four animals sitting with the human in the center are the subjects of five grand creation stories. The jaguar survived the destruction of the world of spirit. The birds survived the world of the pure mind. The fish survived the watery world of the emotions. And the monkeys survived the world of pure physical manifestation. The ones who survive the world of movement and time, our world, and who are able to maintain harmony and balance, are destined for divine consciousness.

There is so much more about the paddler gods. Very interesting metaphoric roles for what is playing out on Earth at this time.

Below is the original image, unedited, seen as actual.

For sale asking price: (for complete set) $3000

Mayan Paddler Gods - Actual.jpg